sexta-feira, janeiro 27, 2006

Water Fun

Water, water is and important and beautiful element.
Listen to my advice, spend some time watching it, in a close view.

sexta-feira, janeiro 20, 2006

Hoopoe - Poupa

Yes, I am still alive... and my Digital Camera is still working fine.

I have just take these photos, its a Hoopoe (ou POUPA em Português) its a rare bird, thus its a beautiful bird.

Scientific Name : Upupa epops

Status: Scarce passage migrant.

Habitat: On passage mostly found in coastal fields, dunes, golf courses, etc.

Description: Combination of pied and pinkish plumage and long crest unique.

Size: 26 - 28cm (10.5")

segunda-feira, janeiro 09, 2006


No is not the famous show of the Broadway... Yes its over my friends !
Its a simple CAT, is favorite game is...Hunting down small mice!
Mickey be careful...

sábado, janeiro 07, 2006

GREY HERON - Ardea cinerea
(Garça Real)

All kinds of waters, from estuaries and marshes to lakes in city parks.

Tall with long legs and neck, and grey and white plumage, yellowish legs and bill. During breeding, legs and bill can become redder. In flight looks very large with broad, arched wings.

94 cm (37")

Info for the nature lovers

This photos were taken in portugal near Spain.